Warning Signs

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Warning signs-image from www.pmtips.net

Warning signs-image from www.pmtips.net

I’m not a parent yet so I’m can’t understand what it’s like to see warning signs in your child.  But I remember what it was like for me to be nine years old with warning signs, not knowing they were warning signs.  I can remember going to Florida with my mom (parents divorced several years prior) the summer before I got diagnosed and eating a lot of jolly ranchers candy and feeling very sick.  I remember that Fall feeling very lethargic and thirsty all the time.  I remember my fourth grade teacher getting upset with me because I was always asking to go to the bathroom.  I can even remember being at my dad’s and going to the bathroom then needing to go five minutes later and him commenting on it.

Because my parents were divorced, my dad only saw me once every other weekend and I remember him commenting on my weight loss, something my mom missed because I saw her everyday.  It’s crazy to think now about all of these symptoms that I had-the weight loss, thirst, tiredness, etc. and it wasn’t until my annual checkup that anything was discovered.  While I have no idea when the onset of the disease occurred, these symptoms began around summertime and last through December.

With Type 2 Diabetes so prevalent, more awareness in general of health issues (like gluten allergies) and uses of the Internet (google, social media, etc.) hopefully children today don’t have to go too long with symptoms before realizing there is a problem.

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