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Happy World Diabetes Day!

I must admit that I had no idea that today is World Diabetes Day.  Thanks to following the JDRF on Twitter and Facebook, I became aware of today’s importance.  I also had no idea why today was chosen as World Diabetes Day.  Apparently, it is because Frederick Banting was born on November 14th.  If you have T1D and don’t know who he is, you should.  He is credited for saving our lives-discovering insulin!  I couldn’t imagine a world in which there was no insulin.

While I don’t know what we are exactly supposed to do for World Diabetes Day, I am going to spend the day thinking about how grateful I am to Sir Frederick Grant Banting and thankful that I live in a world with insulin.

Similarly, it is also Diabetes Awareness Month and while I think Type 2 diabetes gets a lot more awareness than Type 1, I hope people are using this “awareness” month to get out and discuss Type 1.  I went to JDRF’s website that has a page on Being T1D for a day,, and I think it’s a great way to get awareness out there.  When I first saw the page, I thought it was a stupid exercise.  There is no way that a texting challenge can come close to showing a person what it is like to live with T1D.  However, I tried to keep an open mind, so I watched the video.  The star of the video, Buzz, did a great job of showing us how he used the texts. I think if a loved one wanted to get a glimpse into my world, taking the texting challenge seriously like Buzz did would be a good start.  He seemed to really take it to heart and I thought one good analogy he had was comparing T1D to a diet.

I did Weight Watchers last year and I remember always having food on my mind.  I was constantly thinking about what I was going to eat throughout the day, what exercises I was going to do so I could eat a few more points and how many points were really in a glass of wine.  If you take the program seriously, you do think about the points and food a lot and deal with a wide array of emotions. For instance, if you cheat and go over your points for a day or lose 2 pounds at weigh-in, you can feel similar emotions to that of a Type 1 Diabetic if you decide to throw caution to the wind and have that donut or if you have kept your blood sugars in perfect range for a few days.  While a diet still doesn’t come anywhere close to what we have to deal with, it’s a start  into understanding a T1D’s life.  My husband always says that he can’t understand how hard it is to be a T1D so I am tempted to make him try this texting exercise.  What do you think?  Is a texting challenge a good way for someone to understand what a day in the life of you is like?  I’m interested to hear if other people have tried this out.

Happy World Diabetes Day and thanks Frederick 🙂

Frederick Banting-photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Frederick Banting-photo courtesy of Wikipedia







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  1. my 7 year old Granddaughter has been living with type 1 since she was 15 months old , Thankfully she is doing well , wearing a pump , I never realized how important knowledge was of this disease until she was diagnosed,and what a challenge it is for her and everyone around her .

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