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Welcome to my blog!  My name is Kelley and I have had Type 1 diabetes for almost twenty years.  I have always felt pretty alone with the disease and never looked at any diabetic blogs until recently.  Reading the blogs has helped me to feel less alone and I hope that by writing this blog I can connect with more Type 1 diabetics.

I am 29 and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes back in 1993.  I have been an insulin pump user for almost as long, getting my first trusty Medtronic pump back in 1997.  I just had my 1 year anniversary with my continuous glucose monitor (received it in November 2011).  I currently have a Medtronic Paradigm 523 insulin pump, a Real-Time Continuous glucose monitor and  a One Touch Ultra Link test kit.

For me, the last 19 years have been an every day struggle to have my blood sugars in control and I am still striving to get my A1C below 7, which is the magic number all of the doctors seem to like.

A rare occurrence seeing my blood sugars so good on my CGM

A rare occurrence seeing my blood sugars so good on my CGM









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