NuGo Bars Review

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I’m not really a bar fan (i.e. protein bars, which my husband loves!) but I’m always buying pre-packaged food at the grocery store because I rarely find time to take care of myself when I have a little munchkin crawling all over the place. My go-to snack is usually a small pack of Pringles which have 20 carbs but I never branch out so I tend to get sick of the chips after a while. So when Jacqui from NuGo Nutrition contacted me about trying out their NuGo Slim bars, I figured why not!


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My hubby bought me a FitBit for my 30th birthday.  On my 30th birthday, I ran a half marathon so it was a perfect gift.  Except by the time I finished the half marathon, I was pretty burnt out from running so I took a semi-break.  The semi-break turned into a full fledged break when […]


8 Months Postpartum

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My little guy turned 8 months old yesterday! Time sure is flying by! I can’t believe only 4 months until he is one year old-eeek!! We don’t go to the doctor until month 9 so I’m not sure how he is doing in weight and height but I don’t think he is having any problems. We also switched out of the infant car seat into the convertible and lowered his crib this past weekend-he is growing too fast!