October DSMA Blog Carnival

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The October DSMA Blog Carnival prompt is the following:

Type 1, Type 2, LADA, Gestational, diabetes brought on by surgery . . . . the list of types of diabetes goes on. Each type may have differences, but ultimately they are all diabetes. When we think about it, there is a whole lot that all types have in common. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t give credit for some differences too. So lets look back to our “Breaking down the barriers between types” chat on September 10th and discuss . . . . .

Anything easy about living with your type of diabetes that isn’t easy for another type?

Frustrations with Adult Onset Type 1s

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Before you go judging me based on my blog title, bare with me for a moment. Before joining the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) a few years back, I didn’t know many Type 1 diabetics. I met a few here and there but the only one I really knew closely was my mother in law. She was diagnosed as an adult and she always made it seem like diabetes wasn’t a big deal. It could just be that when we get together, she is more interested in what’s going on with my husband (her son) than talking about our chronic condition.

Social Media with Diabetes

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I’ve talked many times about how much I love the Diabetes Online Community. However, I should amend that statement to talk about how much I love the people that write blogs, read my blog and converse on Twitter. I love my Wednesday night #DSMA chats (although I’ve been a little absent lately-check out Kerri’s blog […]

September DSMA Blog Carnival

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This month’s DSMA Blog Carnival Prompt:

Most medical appointments involve notes of some kind. Notes the patient brings with questions and concerns. Notes a patient makes about the doctor’s instructions. And, of course, notes our doctors make in our medical charts. It had never occurred to me to keep track of the notes being made in my chart until our August 20th chat about “Notes”. So this month, let’s explore that topic and answer the question . . . .

Do you request a copy of your medical notes? If so, how often? If not, why?

Using my Bolus Wizard

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My current Medtronic pump and previous Medtronic pumps (that I can remember) have all had a nice feature called the “Bolus Wizard”. The bolus wizard was made to help take the mathematics out of diabetes, or at least ease the pressure of needing a math degree to stay healthy. Based on your blood sugar, your carb count, your insulin to carb ratio (I:C ratio) and your correction factor, it will figure out how much insulin you need for a meal or for a blood sugar correction. I rely on it so much now that I’m not sure I could even tell you my I:C ratio (I now have 4 different I:C ratios so that complicates things further).