2015 Resolutions

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Happy 2015 all! 2014 will be a hard year to top but it was such a great year that I ended up failing on most of my resolutions so I’m going to try and do better this year. I’m trying to not be too optimistic but I also want to achieve some pretty big things this year. So here are what I’m going to try to achieve this year:

Diabetes and a Newborn

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It’s been about 6 weeks since I gave birth to my little one. It’s been an amazing time but also one of the most difficult times. It’s been amazing because I get cuddles around the clock every day and I get to see my little man growing. There is no better feeling than seeing him smile for the first time or recognizing my husband and me. The lack of sleep has been very difficult but not as difficult as trying to manage my diabetes.

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Baby C’s Birth

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On Wednesday, November 5th, my husband and I went to our scheduled OB appointment. The days leading up to the appointment were pretty dramatic (as described in a previous post) as we had failed the Biophysical Profile the previous Friday and almost delivered that day (Halloween) but didn’t, and then had decreased activity and a hospital stay the next day (on Saturday). Sunday through Tuesday we tried not to overreact about decreased activity because baby seemed to pass the non-stress test fine when we were at the hospital.