New Sites

About 10 weeks ago, I started to seriously freak out. I was about 24-25 weeks into my pregnancy and my belly was growing. I could no longer use my stomach for my infusion set or my CGM sensor. I’ve had a pump since 1997 and I’ve only ever used my stomach for a site location so I was freaking … Continue reading

Pregnancy Weeks 32-34

Today marks my official 35th week of pregnancy!  My induction is officially scheduled for November 11th! I’m hoping my little man comes a little earlier on his own though so we don’t have to worry about inducing him. The doctor also said that depending on his size, we might induce him earlier. … Continue reading

Social Media with Diabetes

I’ve talked many times about how much I love the Diabetes Online Community. However, I should amend that statement to talk about how much I love the people that write blogs, read my blog and converse on Twitter. I love my Wednesday night #DSMA chats (although I’ve been a little absent … Continue reading


At my old job, where I worked for 5 years, I was given the nickname of Bubbles. It was a name provided by two of my co-workers who had nicknames for everyone. I don’t necessarily condone what they were doing because some weren’t so nice, but I was happy that mine wasn’t too bad. Why was I … Continue reading