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Baby C’s Birth

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On Wednesday, November 5th, my husband and I went to our scheduled OB appointment. The days leading up to the appointment were pretty dramatic (as described in a previous post) as we had failed the Biophysical Profile the previous Friday and almost delivered that day (Halloween) but didn’t, and then had decreased activity and a hospital stay the next day (on Saturday). Sunday through Tuesday we tried not to overreact about decreased activity because baby seemed to pass the non-stress test fine when we were at the hospital.

Pregnancy and Diabetes-Pack Your Hospital Bag!

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When your high risk OB tells you to start coming to the appointments with your hospital bag, it’s usually a good idea to listen to him. My high risk OB told me to start bringing my hospital bag starting at week 32. Of course my husband and I didn’t listen and showed up at week 32 without our bags. The weeks went by and we still didn’t pack our bags. Every appointment, though, went fine. Baby passed his BPP (biophysical profile) with flying colors, getting a 10 out of 10 each time. I would also go to the regular OB every week and my little guy was sitting high up, cervix completely closed, no sign that he wanted to come out early. We procrastinated on packing because it didn’t seem that urgent. It didn’t seem like our guy was going to come out anytime soon. It felt like we were going to go until our induction date on November 11th.

2nd Blog Anniversary!!

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Today marks the second anniversary of my blog! This has been one of the smartest things I have ever done. Writing this blog has had such an impact on my life in just two short years. I’ve written over 200 posts (this is my 217th to be exact), received almost 30,000 views and had people take the time to comment on my posts over 800 times.

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Wordless Wednesday-the Best Time of Year for My Diabetes

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So I haven’t done a “*Wordless “Wednesday” post in a while (is it even still a thing?) but I did want to share with you my favorite time of year as a diabetic (Christmas is my favorite time of year for my non-diabetic life).  This is my favorite time of year because it’s when the […]